Creativity expressed through beautiful cakes and cookies

and bringing out our French heritage through delicate macarons.

For years as a child, I attempted to bake my mother's birthday cakes from scratch, only to create a big mess in the kitchen and a cake that was lopsided and falling over. Still, I loved making them and tried again each year only to create something more interesting than the previous year.


I also made sugar cookies on a regular basis and was more successful with those from the beginning. I even gave my recipe to my bridesmaids as a gift at my wedding.

Since those days of baking as a child, I graduated with a degree in graphic arts and successfully ran my own freelance design business for more than a decade before taking on the task of creating my son's 4th birthday cake. I once again discovered my true love of baking and expressing my creative skills through decorating. I promise my cakes have greatly improved.


With every order, I am excited to bake and decorate; I take pride in each creation. Even if I'm not busy baking for hire, you will find me in my kitchen creating something!



Giving Back - RettSyndrome.org

I have chosen to give back to an organization that has become close to my heart. Several times per year, I will host a fundraiser where all proceeds will be donated to RettSyndrome.org. If you are local and interested in helping me with this cause, please contact me.


To learn more about the family who has inspired me, please visit

Cammy Can on Facebook.


To learn more about Rett Syndrome, or to make a donation, visit